About The Company

Continuous innovation and steady quality strategy…

Archem Diagnostic; main focus, manufacturing and marketing of IVD reagents. Having started its operations in 1998, Archem Diagnostic is one of the well-established biochemistry and hematology reagents manufacturer company in Turkey. Offering our products on meeting the criteria of; stability, quality, reliability… Offering these products at competitive market prices, Archem activities increasingly continue; Archem's insisted quality process, quality staff and policy on producing the same level quality products, standardized process quality, extraordinary QC steps and taking next level process on analytic performance quality. So, in this case, Archem is looking forward to reinforcing and to gain ''fully trusted brand''.

Archem is working with some of the global players with long-term supplying contract basis. Archem offers specific solutions to global manufacturers of analyzers and reagents. Especially on multi calibrators, sensitive and unstable test, Archem reactives have gained its limpid and perceptible results over the years. Archem is doing the R&D on special tests for the sector.

Archem reagents; validated, tested, ready 'Application Parameters' and barcoded- dedicated reagents cartridges for Abbott Architects, Siemens Advia, Vitros, BT, Dirui, Ilab, Mindray CS, Olympus, Humastar, Cobas-Integra and many other analyzers. With its strong staff comprising of trained personnel who have expertise in their field, and laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology as well as its manufacturing sites, Archem Diagnostic develops innovative new forms and products with a high added value within the scope of its R&D activities. With a member of TUBITAK (Turkish R&D Center of Government), Archem have gained a significant number of international certificates, such as; CE, ISO and TSE. Archem generates its own application inserts with CLSI rules and standards. Archem Diagnostic, which continues to work not only for  a  healthy  future,  but  also  supports  social  responsibility projects.