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Archem New Production Facility Short Promotional Film



Archem new production facility short promotional film. This new building was established in 2021 with an investment budget of 2 Million Euros. Robot-assisted automatic filling system with a budget of 0.75 Million Euros; It fills and packs the biotechnological diagnostic kits that we produce within 10 hours in a single production 40 Metric Ton production tanks.Loop featured-EDI supported 48.000 Liters /24 Hour capacity Deionized Water System is also suitable for INVIVO production. Archem has signed an international agreement for the annual production of 3,000 TON DIAGNOSTIC KIT for the year 2022. The total production and packing area has reached to 4800 square meter with our newly added 500 square meter warehouse in MUTSAN Industrial Site. Our production tank procution capacity here is 40 tons in a single production, and 56 tons when we put all the tanks into production at the same time. This is very close to the capacity of global well-established manufacturers. Archem support and work consistently for health of humanity.

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