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Concentrated Cleanacer

Reagents for Melet-Schloesing kategorisinde Concentrated Cleanacer ürününü incelemektesiniz.
Concentrated Cleanacer
Cihaza özel spesifik aplikasyon föyü için lütfen aplikasyon birimimiz ile irtibata geçiniz.

It has been used as a cleaner(detergent) reagent on Melet-Schloesing Analyzers. 
Archem hematology reagents has beed upgraded to latest technology by R&D projects with cooperation TUBITAK (Turkish Government Scientific Center)(2008). (18 parameter, 19 Parameter, 22 Parameter Products group)

Packing : 1/2 Liter
Cat No: 6530ML
Storage Condition: 15°C-30 °C
Shelf Life: Archem hematology reagents are 18-24 month shelf life after production. 
Certification:Availlable certificates for Archem Hematogy Reagents;

  • ISO 13485,
  • CE 98/79,
  • Archem QCA System.