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H3000 Hematology Analyzer (60 Test/Hour)

Hematology Analyzers kategorisinde H3000 Hematology Analyzer (60 Test/Hour) ürününü incelemektesiniz.
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ARCHEM H3000 Technical Specifications

    • Archem H3000 Hematology Analyzer can test from whole blood
     19 parameters+3 histograms automatically. All parameters and histograms of
     every sample (WBC, RBC, and PLT) can be seen at the same time on the screen.
   • Sample Volume: 
          Whole Blood Mode: 15 µL
          Pre Diluted Mode: 20 µL
Test Parameters (19 Items)
Leukocyte parameters:
WBC White Blood Cells
LYM% Lymphocytes in percentage
LYM# Lymphocytes
MON% Monocytes in percentage
MON# Monocytes
GRA% Granulocytes in percentage
GRA# Granulocytes
Erythrocyte parameters:
RBC Red Blood Cells
HGB Hemoglobin
HCT Hematocrit
MCV Mean Corpuscular Volume
MCH Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
MCHC Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
RDW-CV Red Blood cells Distribution Width CV
RDW-SD Red Blood cells Distribution Width SD
Thrombocyte parameters:
PLT Platelet
MPV Mean Platelet Volume
PDW Platelet Distribution Width
PCT Thrombocrit
   • Principle: Impedance method and direct colorimetric method.
   • Throughput (Test Speed): 60 Tests/hour. 
   • Data storage capacity: More than 200.000 results with histograms and general
      ID information of each sample can be stored.
   • Low carry over by ‘Automated probe cleaning system’
   • ‘Automated clog removing system’ by high voltage in case of clog.
   • Internal advanced QC system and program. User friendly interface of
      calibration and control. 
   • Printout: Manual/automatic internal or external printing.
   • Alarm sensors: In case of ‘waste full’, diluent empty, lyse empty, cleaner empty.
   • External keyboard compatibility. Names, sex, department, ID, age etc. can be
      inputted very fast by external keyboard.
   • Interface: HIS/LIS compatibility, USB port(2 pcs), PS2, RJ-45, RS-232 ports.  
   • Dimension and weight:
      Height:45 cm, witdh:35 cm, front-back:52 cm, weight:20 Kg
   • Power requirement: 220/110 Volt and 50/60 Hz.

Performance Characteristics
Parameters          Linearity           Precision (%CV)
WBC (103/µl)        0.0-99,9            ≤%2.0
RBC  (106/µl)        0.0-9,99            ≤%1,5
Hgb(gr/dl)            0.0-30,0            ≤,2.0
MCV(fl)                 30.0-150,0        ≤%1,5
PLT(103/µl)          10.0-999            ≤%4.0
HCT(%)                10-90                 ≤%2.0