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TSE and Global Audıts


Archem has undergone two separate global firm audits in the last 1.5 months. In addition, it has passed the audit of a Turkish auditor appointed by a global company and the ISO13485-2016 and ISO9001-2015 audits from TSE. As a result, we received a passing grade in all audits. He received a visa for 2 years from where he left off for the Global Supply Agreements, which continued without any critical findings. These inspections, which took at least 3 full days, were carried out by the top 5 global companies of our sector. These audits, in which the management, QMS and entire team of our company have been diligently prepared for months under 500 titles, have once again shown that Archem produces with a quality above global standards. Congratulations. We would like to thank the global company representatives and chief auditors who carried out these vision-filled audits that require great dedication, depth, attention and effort